New Land Purchase for Future Programs

New Land Purchase for Future Programs

HOKATHS has negotiated 10 acres of land for future projects and is currently paying to complete the purchase.

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  • Raised: $1890
  • Goal: $50,000

HOKATHS is looking further ahead into a bigger and brighter future for poor communities in Liberia. We aim to expand and sustain our humanitarian services to the underserved and vulnerable people in this country with the acquired 10 acres of land in the VOA community in Brewerville. We plan to add another 40 acres to this initial purchase so more people can benefit from our future projects which include:

  • Educational School
  • Vocational School
  • Foster Homes
  • Radio Station
  • Factory/Warehouse
  • Evangelical Church
  • Printing Press
  • Scholarship Programs

8 Future HOKATHS Projects for Liberia

Composed of primary to high school buildings, the new school will cater to over 7,000 students in rural communities in the VOA, most of them are presently unable to study in school due to poverty and lack of infrastructure. Since we have partnered with poorly funded public schools previously, we have the experience and insight to establish a new and modern school with sufficient facilities to ensure that thousands of students will receive quality education.

Our doors are open to people around the world who share our care for children and our compassion for poor communities in Liberia.

Your own time, money, school supplies and skills are their hope so they can pay it forward and help their families and neighboring communities in the future.

"We’re a humanitarian organization working with poor people and communities to make the world a better place for all"