William VS Tubman Primary School

William VS Tubman Primary School

The William VS Tubman Primary School needs a new roof and for the facilities to be modernized so it can become an ideal space for students to study.

  • Raised: $0
  • Goal: $5000

Founded in 1959, this public school in Virginia, Montserrado County caters to 175 students between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. They have 5 professional teachers with government salary and a volunteer teacher that receives monthly allowance from the PTA (Parents and Teachers Association).

Pictured to the left is the result of The Clean Toilet Project for the school. It was completed in 21 days!

Sixty years of service, the William VS Tubman Primary School has produced civic and government leaders. Today, it is an old institution showing wear and tear with facilities needing updates and upgrades – lack of modern instructional materials and clean toilets. According to the school principal, Madam Angie V. Brookes, the dilapidated pit toilet caused serious health problems for students especially the adolescent girls. True to its mission to support quality education in Liberia, HOKATHS launched the Clean Toilet Project for the school. The project was completed within 21 days with a total cost of $2,100.

During the turnover of the facility to the William VS Tubman Primary School on April 26, 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed, creating a partnership between the school and HOKATHS. It formalized the commitment from both parties for the sustainability of the project, continuous maintenance and the availability of toilets. Madam Brookes was delighted during the turnover and she spoke with such heartfelt appreciation, "We are grateful for the modern facility, and promise to live up with the Memorandum of Understanding to maintain and secure the facility for school use only". Help HOKATHS develop the William VS Tubman Primary School so it can serve the community for more years and decades to come. This institution of learning is part of the past and present of the community, and will be revived and fully functional for the future. Be the light of inspiration for our students here by sharing what you have to make their school something they would enjoy going to and be proud of.

Our doors are open to people around the world who share our care for children and our compassion for poor communities in Liberia.

Your own time, money, school supplies and skills are their hope so they can pay it forward and help their families and neighboring communities in the future.

"We’re a humanitarian organization working with poor people and communities to make the world a better place for all"