House of Kanaf & Tzitzit Humanitarian Services

We are an African organization that helps the poor and vulnerable in rural areas of Liberia in need of support for their education and livelihood. Our founder, Erik Oforikuma, is from Ghana, West Africa, living in the US now, and he is dedicated to helping communities back home stand on their own and thrive.

HOKATHS (House of Kanaf & Tzitzit Humanitarian Services) is a nonprofit organization in Africa, certified and accredited by the Government of Liberia. Founded in January 31, 2010, our group started out in Accra, Ghana by supporting underserved families especially children by improving schools, developing health services and providing basic needs.

Today, we continue to develop our programs – give livelihood opportunities and promote vocational education to enable families to provide for their own needs, live with dignity and succeed through their own efforts.

For almost a decade of humanitarian services from Ghana to Liberia, our beloved country, HOKATHS shows no signs of stopping. We provide partnership support to rural public schools by donating basic school supplies and much-needed armchairs, and we facilitate feeding programs to nourish the children of our nation.


We partner with the local communities to implement long-lasting and wide-reaching programs agreed by all the parties involved. Ensuring that they are active participants in all our initiatives empowers, encourages and enables them to take charge of their situation. When they take ownership and embrace the responsibility of changing their own lives, they make our jobs easier and more fulfilling as well.

We work with local government agencies to develop the sustainability of our programs. In such partnerships, HOKATHS signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and provide training to build the capacity of these local partners. Working with leaders on the ground such as school directors, commissioners and community councils gives us better insight to what they need and helps our group become more effective in implementing programs.

At HOKATHS, we are happy to spend hours of our lives working with the poor and vulnerable communities in Liberia. We hope you can share this happiness by joining us and taking action to help children achieve their dreams. Your time, money and efforts can empower an entire community.

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