Kamara Town Public School
    Almost 300 students are cramped into 3 classrooms – we need to
    help these students have a spacious and comfortable school.
    Boluwee Elementary School
    The school is overcrowded and the students would benefit
    greatly with the construction of new toilets.
    William VS Tubman Primary
    William VS Tubman Primary is a 60-year old institution and is
    in dire need of age-appropriate school supplies and a new roof.


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Our Mission

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Who We are

HOKATHS (House of Kanaf & Tzitzit Humanitarian Services) is a nonprofit organization, certified and accredited by the Government of Liberia. Our group works closely with local and international partners and volunteers to equip and empower poor communities in Liberia to achieve a good life with quality education, health and nutrition, dignified jobs, and fair trade.


We donate supplies and chairs to rural school communities, and we’re working on building more classrooms and providing more scholarships.


We plan on conducting counseling sessions for adults and children to help educate and build the capacity of parents.


We are currently buying 10-acres of land to support farming, skills training, and micro-economic livelihood for communities.

Health Care

Our goal is to provide basic health services for our Liberian communities in partnership with health professionals.

The primary purpose of HOKATHS is to provide vulnerable people in Liberia with sufficient opportunities in education, health, nutrition, life skills, and livelihood.

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Why Liberia Needs Us

Liberia, West Africa, is a country still recovering from years of fratricidal civil war. The impact has caused a once proud nation to become shattered in economic ruin and lack of basic social services especially in rural communities. In spite of 15 years of peace, the country remains one of the poorest countries in the world with thousands of vulnerable people, especially women and children being greatly affected. read more...

Our Commitment To The Community

HOKATHS has committed to building new toilets in Boluwee Elementary School and William VS Tubman Primary School and new classrooms for Kamara Town Public School. Currently, these programs are being funded by our founder’s family, the Oforikumas, showing care and compassion for underserved families in Liberia. Our organization has numerous projects lined up for 2019 and beyond including building a school facility, foster homes, a factory for local products, a nonprofit radio station, and a church to bring rural communities together. read more...

Your Donation Counts

Our future projects for our brothers and sisters in poor communities in Liberia will pave the way to developing their capacity to sustain and thrive on their own. By donating to HOKATHS’ various programs, you help provide healthy meals, bigger classrooms, cleaner toilets, scholarships, land and farming tools, vocational training, small business resources, and ultimately hope – for people there to create their own future. read more...

Your contribution counts. By working hand-in-hand with our group at HOKATHS and reaching out directly and listening intently to the needs of communities in Liberia, we can change thousands of lives together.

How we are helping today

HOKATHS is working tirelessly with partners and stakeholders on the ground, in Liberia, to facilitate a weekly feeding program for 700 people and to give more scholarship programs for women. We have built clean toilets and will continue to do so along with constructing additional classrooms for underfunded rural public schools like Kamara Town Public School and Boluwee Elementary School. We hope you can help us provide the pressing needs of these schools and communities so we can turn people’s lives around.

Kamara Town Elementary school

Kamara Town needs extra classrooms for their students because the school is currently overpopulated...

  • Raised: $200
  • Goal: $20,000
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4 Donors

William VS Tubman Primary School

The William VS Tubman Primary School needs a toilet project completed - cost $2100. New roof and school supplies project...

  • Raised: $0
  • Goal: $5000
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0 Donors

Boluwee Elementary School

The Boluwee Elementary School needs a toilet for the school in order to maintain their feeding program...

  • Raised: $0
  • Goal: $2500
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Help Build Classrooms and Clean Toilets in Liberia

Become a Volunteer

Our HOKATHS team has dedicated our time, effort and resources to alleviate poverty in Liberia. With your help, we can reach more communities and support more struggling students in Liberia. By becoming committed volunteers and working together with us, your selfless action will offer hope to many especially to women and children who are inspired by your example. Come join us and learn how you can help make our world better for all.

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