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Eric Oforikuma

Eric Oforikuma, is from Ghana, West Africa, living in the US now, and he is dedicated to helping communities back home to stand on their own and thrive. 

Eric grew up in Accra, Ghana and spent most of his early life there up to his late twenties before immigrating to the United States. Eric has had a huge passion for the development and well-being of the under privileged, widows, and families of Africa. In his early years, he started evangelizing to the rural villages outside his hometown while attending Bible College; in his desire to explore his calling for Christian Ministry. This passion led him to personally fund charitable ventures like the provision of food, clothing, tuition, and medical supplies to families in Ghana and surrounding areas. Eric is seeking to expand his activities to better serve his purpose and missions of reaching out to the lost, needy and making a great impact on the lives of others. 

Eric graduated from Maranatha Bible College and earned his Ministry certification before he immigrated to the United States. He later attended the Community College of Philadelphia majoring in Liberal Arts. He also attended the Aviation Institute of Maintenance for aircraft maintenance. Eric continued to have the burning desire for Christian Ministry and helping the less fortunate. He felt his purpose was not being fulfilled in other aspects of his life. He decided to return to his original true calling and established The House of Kanaf & Tzitzit Humanitarian Services (formerly called Judah International Missionaries). He began traveling back and forth between Ghana and the United States evangelizing and providing resources for needy families. He later decided to change his focus to Liberia, after meeting his wife and visiting her country. He saw and felt the immense need for this country that have known devastating civil unrest and poverty for so many years. He believes that over time, little drops of water can make a mighty ocean. He intends to create that ocean through a ministry of hope, opportunity and giving.

Eric currently works as a caregiver for a home care agency in Pennsylvania.

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    Maranatha Bible College
    Community College of Philadelphia
    Aviation Institute of Maintenance

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    Philadelphia, PA

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    Phone: 267-499-8402
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